Refer a Friend program

With our Refer a Friend program you can earn R99.00 towards your next renewal payment for each and every friend that subscribes to any of our subscriptions.

Who can Refer a Friend and how many can I refer?

  • Only users with an active subscription are allowed to refer friends.
  • Users on a long-term subscription plan can also refer friends and then use the credits towards their next renewal.
  • There is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer.

How do I Refer a Friend?

  • You can refer a friend using your personal referral page found in your “My Account” page.
  • You can send your referrals via Facebook, WhatsApp as well as Email. (PRO Tip: We’ve found that referring via email increases your chances of success!)

Here is how your personal Refer a Friend page will look, simply choose the way you want to refer them and follow the prompts. Easy as that!

How will I know if I’ve earned credit?

  • We’ll send you an email every time one of your referrals subscribe with us.
  • You can see your successful referrals along with your available credit at any time by going to your “My Account” page and clicking on “My Referrals”

How do I use my credit?

  • Your credit will automatically be applied to your next renewal payment so there is nothing you need to do from your side.
  • Should you have accumulated more credit than your renewal amount any balance left over will be rolled over for use on a later renewal.
  • Once a referral credit has been used it will move to the “Used Referrals” section indicating the original credit amount, remaining balance (if any) as well as the date the credit was used.

What’s the fine print?

Use of our Refer a Friend program is subject to the following Terms and Conditions in conjunction with our standard T’s & C’s

  • Only referrals resulting in new customers are eligible for credits, re-subscribes are not eligible.
  • Only referrals that result in successful new subscriptions are eligible.
  • This referral program is a private program and only subscribers with an active subscription are allowed to use the referral program.
  • Group or School subscribers are excluded from using the Refer a Friend program.
  • Referrals are tracked through your unique link contained in your email / whatsapp / facebook notification sent to your contact, should they not use the link contained therein we will not be able to link their subscription to your referral.
  • Credits will not be paid out to customers and can only be used as part- or full payment against subsequent subscription renewals.
  • Credits are non-transferable.
  • Successful referrals and awarding of credit is done at our sole discretion and can be denied should any fraudulent activity be suspected. We are not obliged in any way to provide any reason why a referral is denied and not awarded.
  • We reserve our right to change the amount of credit awarded for successful referrals at any time and without prior notice.
  • We reserve our right to suspend, cancel or modify the program at any time and without prior notice.