Navigating Courses and Lessons

Courses are accessed from the “My Courses” page which can be found on the main menu at the top and is also the first page you see after logging in. To access a course simply click on the course image or the “See more…” button below the desired course.

Once inside a course you will see your current progress within the course, a description of the course as well as the list of Lessons contained within the course. Lesson names correspond to the name of the book that is referenced in the lesson. To access a lesson simply click on the lesson (book cover).

Once inside a lesson you will see the lesson introduction video (if the lesson has one) along with the downloadable lesson materials as well as the lesson content aka the activities. To start an activity simply click on it (either in the course menu on the left or from the list at the bottom of the page, we recommend following them sequentially as the content is progressive. The course menu on the left can be minimised by clicking on the “<” button at the top. When viewing on a tablet the course menu is automatically minimised.

Another change when inside the Lesson can be seen in the main menu bar at the top of the screen which now shows your progress within the course and has a dropdown menu on the right where you can navigate back to the current course page or your “My Courses” page. This change in menu occurs so as to remove any unnecessary distractions to the learner.