How do I update my credit card details?

If your credit card has expired or you need to update your card on record for any other reason simply follow the below instructions based on the payment gateway used to subscribe.

WalletDoc or PayFast

If you subscribed using WalletDoc or PayFast and your card has expired the system should automatically link your new card to your subscription, however if this doesn’t happen or you need to manually change your details simply log into your account, navigate to “My Account” and then click on “My Subscription”.

Then click on “View” next to your active subscription.

Lastly click on “Change Payment” and follow the process to update your card details on WalletDoc’s site.

Choose either PayFast or WalletDoc and follow the card update process on their respective websites. Upon successful update you will be redirected back to us.

Peach Payments

If you subscribed using Peach Payments you will unfortunately have to cancel your subscription and re-subscribe as they do not allow updating of card details at this time.