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Curious Readers and Tippie believe that children learn best when they learn through active participation in a developmentally and sequential manner.

We believe that when children are involved they learn, discover and comprehend. Children that can read are children that can learn. Give your child the best opportunity with Curious Readers and Tippie. Our content builds on the hugely popular “Leer my lees” and “Learn to read” books and even includes exclusive, never before seen Tippie stories.

Tippie is a beloved purple elephant that experiences modern day adventures in each book whilst staying true to typical child development. 

Tippie is a unique proudly South-African elephant whose stories are relevant and appropriate to children of all ages.  Tippie focuses on sound development, linking sounds and letters as well as building success and self-confidence in reading.  

Reading is super easy with Tippie the elephant. 

Tippie is written by a mother and daughter team with 47 years combined experience in education and a love and passion for learning.

Josè Palmer is the creative brain and dreams up Tippie’s unique and interesting adventures.  Josè has a special interest in children with learning difficulties and a passion for Afrikaans.  A lot of Tippie’s adventures are based on everyday experiences and things that Josè’s grandchildren love. 

Reinette Lombard is a remedial therapist with a special interest in early childhood development and Autism spectrum disorders.  Reinette believes that all children can learn if the learning content is age and ability appropriate. 

The books as well as Curious Readers online system are developmentally and progressively sequenced.  Young children that know their letter-sound relationships will be able to read the Level 1 books with confidence. The interactive activities will support the progressive development.  

Tippie learns and explores alongside his friends whilst staying true to typical child development.  These sequential books and interactive activities were designed with a focus on sound development as well as linking sounds and letters together.  

From start to finish the books and activities continue building success and self-confidence in reading and learning. 

We believe that learning should be both progressive and multi-sensorial.  Children learn best when all their senses are involved in the learning process.  

The interactive activities provide an opportunity for visual, auditory as well as kinesthetic learning. In other words children look, hear and do. 

This multi-sensorial approach leads to generalisation of skills and greater independence. 


Each activity and story is unique, interesting and the text is always supported by colourful engaging illustrations that will aid comprehension.  

Children will receive immediate feedback on activities and gain self-confidence in reading and learning along the way.  

Many hidden skills are also reinforced.  Incidentally children will learn to work in a systematic manner from left to right, top to bottom. 

Learning is always functional and meaningful. 

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Curious Readers is recommended for age 5+. 

Curious Readers does not follow a specific Curriculum as it is a developmental focussed approach.  

The outcomes within Curious Readers are universal outcomes and these outcomes can be found in any Curriculum.  

It is recommended that you use the Tippie books together with the Curious Readers online learning tool.